By Olivia Antonic


Time goes so quickly…

THE  MELBOURNE  CUP is tomorrow, Christmas is just a few weeks down the road and then 5 minutes after that some of us will be singing 2010 away and welcoming the New Year, just before the Chocolade Bunnies start hopping around the supermarkets heralding the on coming Easter …

Let me come up for some air…

Most of us are strapped in the passenger seat of Life’s red hot sport car, allowing this ‘Maniac Driver’ to  rip down the highway, taking over any control we mistakenly thought we had .

And somewhere in the cloud of dust left behind is…OUR LIFE !!!

It has been wisely said that LIFE  HAPPENS  WHILE  WE  ARE  BUSY  DOING  SOMETHING  ELSE.

It’s time to stop consoling yourself or even feeling sorry for yourself for this is just the perfect recepie for perpetuating the negative and sabotaging your forward progress.

How do we get back in the driver’s seat and take the steering wheel of life back into our hands ?

How can we take back the control of our lives ?

In my experience, the priority in Life Management is an honest assessment of your circumstances. It’s like driving from one end of the country to the other, you’ve got to start from the  ‘YOU- ARE- HERE’ point. To do that, you must obtain awareness of the good and bad, the positive and the negative aspects of your life.

You might realize that you have  GONE  THE  WRONG  WAY or missed a detour or a shorter route. Being aware of what you need to do will furnish you with  CHOICES to take your life in the desired direction.

Maybe start by making the time to ask yourself …

-Are you completely happy with your life as it is?

-Whom would you like to  spend your life with?

-Where would you like to live, what work would you like to do?

-Is your fitness at the level that you are happy with?

-Are your finances where you would like them to be?

At this stage, it is imperative to  make the time to honestly give yourself answers…

-What needs to happen for you to have a completely happy life?

-Are you the type of a person, your ideal partner would want?

-What do you need to do to be living where you want to live and doing work that you have passion for?

-Would you like to have more energy to play with your children, and perhaps not be out  of breath climbing stairs?

-What would it take for you to be financially free?

Now , get your ego out of the way because you don’t need anything to trip you up here…

What do you, really, need to do differently?

-What education, self discipline do you need to have to enable you to reach your goals?

-Could it be that having some personal coaching would speed up the process for you?

-Are you ready to make the necessary sacrifices to attain the changes which will propel you towards your ideal?

-If not, can you live with the compromises you chose?

You are nearly there…

Finally resolve to ‘DO’.  Let your passion shine and be disciplined…

… and just do – whatever it takes. The Law of Attraction still demands Action !!!

The rewards are worth anything you had to do to get where you are, providing you keep true to your highest values and jealously protect your integrity and remember that the journey is just as important as the destination.

A time comes, when you realise that YOU  MUST  LOOK  AFTER  YOURSELF if you have any hope of being there, not just for yourself but for others too.

A healthy  SELF-RESPECT is essential for one’s spiritual well being.

This doesn’t mean being selfish or self-centred.

It means simply acknowledging that YOU  ARE  THE  MAIN  RESOURCE  IN  YOUR  LIFE.  If you accept that you are your most precious resource, then you’ll also acknowledge the importance of looking after that resource.

As success coaches, we are fond of asking our clients if they’d treat a PRIZED  RACEHORSE–  the way they treat themselves.  The answer is usually a fast and firm ‘no’ – because very few of us would be foolish enough to run a racehorse until it’s ragged, feed it on junk food and expect it to perform at its peak without providing it with vital rest periods.  And yet, that is exactly how many of us treat ourselves.

So whether you decide to back the winning horse on THE  MELBOURNE  CUP – or not,


-By realizing hat life is a special gift…

-By assisting the Law of Attraction with necessary Action…

-By embracing life graciously and living it passionately…

… you can be a winner in life not just THE  MELBOURNE  CUP.

Not only will you have a  FULLFILLING  &  MEANINGFULL  LIFE,  but ultimately, you will have the best opportunity to leave a legacy for the greater good – one that your loved ones will be proud of.

Money comes and goes – TIME  JUST  GOES.

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