By Olivia Antonic



…may continued HEALTH desired WEALTH & endless HAPPINESS be the result of your New Years Resolution.

This is the time of the year when the slate is wiped clean and the ambitious well meaning resolutions are dominating the human spirit of optimism worldwide.

Not everyone ventures into setting New Year Resolutions. Some are convinced that nothing will work and it’s all fairy floss . After all, these people have proof – they are still ‘working ‘ on the ones from Y2K !!!

It is FEAR that thrives in the ashes of their New Year Resolutions and they end up dreaming – nothing more than wishful thinking.

For the other , probably 5% of population the New Year Resolution actually works and there is one good reason why it does – they set GOALS.

Now let me define the difference between a GOAL and a DREAM

DREAM = something you wish for – wishfull thinking.

GOAL     = specific things you have decided to acomplish within a clearly defined time period.

The goals may start out as dreams, however, your continuous focus & strategies you chose to employ turn goals into reality.


1. You must OWN the goal – it must be yours – what you want.

2. The goals have to be WRITTEN, if you are serious.

3. You must WANT IT – really bad.

4. You must have a 20/20 vision of it, SEE it and FEEL it

5. Yes, you actually have to COMMIT to it or pay the price

6. Finally, you have to have the DISCIPLINE to do whatever it takes to reach it.

This is a UNIQUE CHEMISTRY that works only if all ‘ ingredients’ are present.

To leave any one of them out is the same as making bread without flour.

The goals will materialise only when you are focused on them daily and have the discipline to carry out whatever necessary steps are required to get things done.

Life is one big choice. Anthony Robbinssays that, it is in the moments of making our decissions that our destinies are moulded.  In turn, the decissions we make, determine what sort of a person we are, the type of life we lead, whom we associate with, the material things we accumulate and the legacy we leave behind for our children and grand children.





Jim Rohn

Because the subject of  GOALS & GOAL SETTING is much more involved than one blog can justly cover,

PLEASE TUNE IN NEXT WEEK to find out what the next steps must be towards attaining your desired goals.

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  1. Rick ByrdRick Byrd01-11-2011


    I enjoyed your post.

    Goals are so important in order to be successful. Some people never write goals and some people write goals but never take action on those goals. It is so important to take action once the goals are written. If a person never takes action on their goals they might as well not have written any goals.

    I also suggest that people post their written goals in places so they will see them every day. People can but them by their monitors or maybe on the bathroom mirror.

    Have fun!

    – Rick

  2. Olivia AntonicOlivia Antonic01-11-2011

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Welcome to my site, Rick, and thank you for your comments.
    Yes, I agree with you that it’s not enough to just write them down – goals need to be worked on. There is some level of myth out there since THE SECRET came out. The myth is that all you have to do is concentrate your thoughts on what you want – and The Law of Attraction will manifest it for you. The bit that they missed in The Secret is that each one of the examples used- the goals were solidly backed up with action, discipline, sacrifice, and unswerving focus…There is no Attraction – without the Action.
    Congratulations on your web site, it looks interesting and I will read more a bit later. Have an awesome day, to your success,

  3. Ben WanBen Wan01-12-2011

    Hi Olivia,

    The ability to set and achieve your goals is one of the greatest skill to have in life. I’m so glad you are teaching people that.

    Congratulation on getting more traffic to your site.

    Ben Wan

  4. Olivia AntonicOlivia Antonic01-14-2011

    One of the most rewarding things with coaching is when the client actually gets results.
    A major part of the process is that, firstly, for anyone of us to get results in life, it is imperative to establish where we are at this time – where the starting point is.
    Only then can we start working on where we want to go to or start achieving our goals.
    You would have had worked on a ‘few’ goals yourself to have such incredible level of success. Congratulations , Ben

  5. julia Hayesjulia Hayes01-14-2011

    Hi Olivia,
    That’s a great read, thank you.
    I wish you also a wonderful year ahead 2011 ! Once I’ve decided what I want and clarified that it is congruent with my life, I find the most important first action is to write it down, yet sometimes it takes such a mental effort to commit it to paper. Do you know WHY we are so reluctant?
    Having written something it stays with me and choices are then suddenly weighed against what it is I have written.I also like having a vision board on the wall with the goals depicted in images. It acts as a subtle reminder of the goal and guides the subconscious ”manager” towards that aim. People who follow your points 1-6 can’t help but succeed.

  6. Olivia AntonicOlivia Antonic01-20-2011

    Hi Julia,
    Please accept my apologies for the late reply.
    Thanks for bringing to attention the importance of writing goals down. If we just let them float around in our head, they are not really goals at all – they are just fantasies, daydreams.
    By writing them down we put a certain energy behind them and relevant people, situations and opportunities are attracted to us, sent by the Universe, if you like.
    And why the reluctance to actually write them? I suggest it would be for different reasons for different people:
    Fear(of both failure & success) would be one of the major reasons or belief might not be strong enough or the person is just not truly committed to the particular goal.
    It is important to quiz out motives and ensure that the goal is personal, congruent with our values that we are passionate and willing to ‘pay the price’ for what we want.
    The Vision board is superb – a picture paints a thousand words.

  7. Hi Olivia

    I like how you say to write your goals down. I did this and it helps to keep me on track. Also because I posted them as an article on my blog; my blogging buddies can keep me to them too! Especially with my ebook. lol

    It also motivates me when I read them. I made sure when I set my goals that they were attainable. I see sometimes that people are almost setting themselves up to fail with the goals they set. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    I feel pleased that I have already achieved a couple and once they are all working well; I will add some more.

    Thanks for sharing Olivia. Enjoyed the post.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  8. Olivia AntonicOlivia Antonic01-28-2011

    Hi Patricia,

    Always lovely to hear from you.
    Thank you for highlighting the fact that it is important to remember to set ATTAINABLE goals. I agree with you entirely that people set themselves up to fail – because their goals are ‘way out there’.
    One of the basic steps in setting goals is to be able to work at what needs to be done to get to that goal. It’s not just action that is needed but APPROPRIATE ACTION.
    The higher the goal the more appropriate action needs to happen.
    Your incredible success is a testament to your method of tackling your goals.
    Thank you for your contribution with your work ethic, I’m sure it is going to propel you to much more success in the future.

  9. Olivia AntonicOlivia Antonic10-07-2011

    Hi Josephine,

    Welcome to my site and thank you for taking the time to comment
    Yes, many of us – either do or have in the past – forgoten all about our New Years Resolutions before the end of January. Even that could be optimistic sometimes.
    Why is it that the masses out there take the time and serious thought in setting the goals and then simply don’t deliver? Why is it that they don’t keep the promises they made to themselves? These are usually significant resolutions, often health related like quitting smoking or loosing weight and regaining their fitness.
    Anthony Robbins throws light on this : “…everything we do, we do either out of our need to avoid pain or our desire to gain pleasure, and if we associate enough pain to anything, we’ll change.”
    It also depends where that resolution or goal is on our hirarchy of values – How long can we stay under water before the absolute number one priority is to breathe air – It is only when our desire to achieve that goal is as strong and unconditionally focused as the desire to breathe, that we achieve our goals and realise our resolutions.

  10. JosieJosie10-09-2011

    When i started in my college days i used to have new year resolution and i did try my best to follow that.thanks for the advice and tips for us,keep posting.

  11. Olivia AntonicOlivia Antonic10-10-2011

    Hi Josie,

    Welcome to Excellence For You Life Coaching and thank you for stopping by and commenting.
    In order to progress and continue evolving it is necessary for humans to set goals achieve them then set new ones and so on.
    The more conscious we are – about goal setting, designing strategies how to realise them, enjoying the journey, celebrating our achievements and setting new goals – the more success we will have in our lives.
    Keep that good habit you had in college, Josie. Statistics show that people who are in the habit of setting and achieving goals are in the minority. As far as results are concerned, it may have something to do with the 20/80 principle… what do you think?

    To your success:)

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