Health & Fitness

By Olivia Antonic

Health & Fitness

Your body is your temple.

Our bodies are the Rolls Royce we get around in, and we carry the most sophisticated computer on our shoulders, which, so far, no man was able to duplicate. Surely common sense dictates that we look after such a treasure. If you treat it well, not only will you get to stay on the planet longer, but you will live a quality life filled with energy, fulfilment and rewards beyond your wildest dreams

Excellent health has everything to do with your attitude…

Return to nature and  return to basics.

Eat fresh healthy foods, lots of green leafy vegies. Drink lots of clean H2O. Stay away from preservatives and GI foods, cool drinks and cordials especially artificial sweeteners. Make fresh fruit juice if you have problem chewing an apple or a carrot. Reduce or eliminate red meat and always know the origin of the seafood you consume. Don’t delay – life is not a rehearsal. Get in to the habit of eating right and exercising regularly. Find activities that refresh and revitalise you, get enough sleep, laugh often…

Prevention is better than cure.

Exercise is not an option …

People Exercising at a Gymnasium

Smokers don’t pay today. They pay in small ways that most of us would not tolerate today, but the real result happens in a few decades. They face the possibility of dying an ugly, agonising and entirely preventable death. Similarly, you might not lose anything today if you don’t go to the gym. You just lose your chance at a decent middle to late life because of the twenty years you spent saying that you’ll go to the gym tomorrow!

I tested this ‘exercise  thing’, and when I slowed down I felt almost paralysed by stiffness and aches and pains. Soon after starting physical activity again, I can move freely and my level of energy is amazing – you should try it for yourself, if you don’t like it you can always go back to being and unfit.

It’s no secret, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it…

Imagine if your thoughts affected your success or failure in every area of your life…

What you think affects your body and what your body does, affects your brain.  New research shows that belief in a placebo leads to real changes in the brain chemistry. Science proves to us that mind and body cannot be separated. The emotional centres of the brain which regulate our behaviours, our reactions and responses are physiologically connected with the immune system, the nervous system and the hormones – it’s all wired together

We can, at least to some extent, affect our own physiology

Stress is the most common immune system depressor…

Take control of our thoughts, get to the bottom of your particular problem and address it. Yes, you might have to change your friends, job, partner or yourself, but if it’s going to give you peace of mind, what are you waiting for?


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