What is Leadership and Life coaching?

By Olivia Antonic

What is Leadership and Life coaching?



Effective leaders are first and foremost effective people.

Personal ethics can’t be separated from professional ethics.

Therefore, the character of the leader is essential. 

–          What is Leadership?


–          What does Leadership mean to You?


–          Where do you want to lead: self, home, business, job, society?


–          Do you have the knowledge, courage, compassion & discipline needed ?


–          Are you ‘responsible for’ or ‘in charge of’ ?


–          Do you ‘walk your talk’ – lead by example?


–          Do you embrace responsibility?


–          Are you demonstrating genuine interest in people?


–          Do you praise and reward your team members?


–          What is your ‘why’ in your dealings with others?


–          Do you speak ‘with’ the people or ‘at’ them?


–          Do you strategically work towards a win-win outcome?

“Management is doing things right, Leadership is doing the right things”

Peter F. Drucker


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