New Year Resolution and Disposable Nappies???

By Olivia Antonic

New Year Resolution and Disposable Nappies???

Wishing you and your loved ones, a healthy, happy and successful 2014.

Usually this is the time when some people make their New Year Resolutions and increasingly, many don’t even bother as the disappointment and self-fulfilling prophesies of failure are still smouldering in the ashes of the previous ‘resolutions’.

There might be some of you who had an amazingly successful year… and we’ll address that later.

It is THE LITTLE THINGS THAT WE DO CONSISTENTLY that produce the results for us. That certain set of collective actions is responsible for the results you got so far.

Now I’m sure you all know Einstein’s definition of insanity…
Yes… doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result.
The question is – are you happy with the results you achieved with those actions?

Let’s just go back a step and confirm where those ‘actions’ are coming from and how do they come to be?

We all have things in our lives that are at various degrees of importance to us. We have priorities according to our needs, personal situations and values and it is these that determine the actions we end up doing over and over.

Now somewhere in that equation is our self esteem or the belief of what we think we can do and what we think we can not do. This seed has been sown somewhere usually early on in our lives. We have been conditioned like the mighty circus elephant with a flimsy rope. A large majority of people walk around with low self esteem and some don’t even know it because the truth hides behind the fear.

The people that have that self talk, (The most potent talk the non-conscious mind can hear), where the dialog is something like: Yes, she can because, but I could never do that…I’m not good with people, business/objections…I was never… Yes,but my education… my spouse is not supportive, I have kids & its hard… he’s lucky… my health is not the best…I can’t afford it…Yes but

This voice is telling you all the things you can’t do – instead of what you can do!!!
Endless excuses are concocted, quietly, secretly, yet the non-conscious mind absorbs all these excuses like a top quality disposable nappy.

Awareness is curative – and the sooner we ‘diagnose’ that something is NOT working for us the sooner we have the opportunity to help ourselves. The ‘nappy’ needs to be changed !!!

Being truthful with ourselves here is absolutely essential – since we are intelligent enough to realize that alternatively, we would only be cheating ourselves:

– All the excuses and false self perceptions need to go.
– Anything that needs to be done to get a better result – we know that there are no short cuts, we need to roll up our sleeves and ‘Just Do It’ and I’d like to add, NOW!!!
– No pussyfooting around – any procrastination is simply counter-productive

These changes alone will boost the confidence of any person!

Then we have set the field for progress and progress happens to the degree that our vision is tuned:
Identify what is not negotiable, take away the safety net.
As Anthony Robbins says: if you want to take the island – burn the boats!

Ask yourself
– Is it inspirational?
– Is it compelling?
– Is it exciting?
You know yourself, what is it that is likely to derail your plans? Once you have identified these – prepare for them like a general would in the battle. You are not only going out to win some measly battle – you are fully intending to win the whole ******** war!!!

There is a part of our brain that is referred to as the Reticular Activating System which filters out anything that is not important to us and retains anything that is important to us or high on our hierarchy of values.

Are you at the point, where your RAS is so finely tuned to all things relating to your goal, that you start attracting people, things & situations conducive to accomplishing your goal?
You are so focused that even the Universe starts re-arranging itself to accommodate your goals!
You are unstoppable!

To work towards our goals, we must raise our standards so even if the goals are not reached – our standards have been elevated making our subsequent attempt smoother, because we are not quitters, are we? Think about it – when you were a toddler learning to walk, you fell over many times. Well, you didn’t say after the first few falls – forget it, I’ll just stay crawling…NO, you got up over and over till you walked!!!
So, now that you are all grown up and wise, how could you even contemplate ‘giving up’ ?!?

I’d like to share with you an easy self analysing exercise to help you on your way into 2014 and beyond. This will work for any goal in your life. Enjoy the journey

Pick any area of your life…
1. Write down precisely a very detailed description of your current situation – the truth and nothing but the truth.
2. Write down all the ‘consistent actions’ in detail, that got you to where you are today in that particular area of your life
3. Now write down specifically – what it is that you want, what is your goal, no generalities –be as specific as possible.
4. Then write down all the ‘consistent detailed actions’ that need to be taken in order for the goal to be reached.
5. Now that you know what the ‘cost’ of what YOU WOULD LOVE
to be/have/do, ‘pay’ for it, pat yourself on the back & enjoy!!!

To go back to those of you who had an amazingly successful 2013… It’s not the goal so much, as the person you have become on the journey to that goal.

It is human nature, that once we reach our goals the ambitions to better it, are activated. Therefore, chances are, you will not be happy to sit on your laurels till you raise the bar again, in whichever different area of life and embark on a new journey towards those new goals in yet another New Year.

To your success,

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