By Olivia Antonic

Meet Olivia Antonic

Olivia Antonic

Olivia Antonic

Olivia Antonic has assisted hundreds of families and individuals with selling and buying properties over a 30+ year career in the real estate industry.

Her strong work ethic, intuitive people skills and firm loyalty to her personal values earned Olivia the respect and the acknowledgment from her colleagues, clients and competitors in an industry that seldom rewards the fainthearted.

Olivia has displayed unswerving tenacity throughout her life.  Olivia’s family migrated to Australia from Serbia in 1968.  She embraced the challenges of learning a new language and culture, and worked throughout high school to help her family establish themselves in a new country.  She was particularly instrumental in running the family’s restaurants and food businesses.

Olivia’s passion for people, astute business skills and life experiences drew her to a career as a success coach, and she now enjoys the challenges of helping people to attain their personal and professional potential.

Olivia lives with her family in Perth, Western Australia, and considers her greatest achievement to be raising her beautiful daughter.