By Olivia Antonic

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

The only logical way to respond to THE CONSTANT CHANGE  in the world – is with EDUCATION. Those of us who are old enough to remember the introduction of the internet and email, will remember how essential it was to learn a whole new communication model – or get left behind. In fact, without this new technical knowledge that we were introduced to in the mid 80’s, most of the business couldn’t be performed properly.


When I started my Real Estate career some 30 years ago, the method for attaining the great Aussie dream of owning your own home was: work hard save up for the deposit then work harder to pay the mortgage off.

Just like in the world of technology, there are massive changes and COUNTLESS STRATEGIES  for MAKING MONEY in REAL ESTATE.

However, the sad truth is that many young couples (forget it if you are single) can’t even get started

– let alone get in front.

Contrast this with an increasing number of young people who, at an enviably young age, OWN THEIR OWN HOMES outright and also have a string of POSITIVELY GEARED INVESTMENT PROPERTIES.

How did they do it with just regular jobs and in many cases young children too?

They used STRATEGIES picked up at  THINK AND GROW RICH in PROPERTY seminars. These are simple, effective, LITTLE OR NO MONEY DOWN, techniques that have worked for those savvy young people as well as anyone else who recognizes the enormous potential of  implementing new strategies and are willing to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.


If you’d like the opportunity to spend two
days listening to the strategies and techniques used by
ordinary Aussies in today’s market to make themselves
millionaires – you can come along for FREE.

STUART ZADEL, the Publisher and Director of THINK AND GROW RICH (R) has been bringing these educational seminars to all Australian capital cities. They proved so popular , that Stuart has launched  Round 2 of his Think and Grow Rich(R) Property Conference 2010, featuring in all 5 major cities around Australia!
The new round of property events is very exciting news for so many reasons:

1. Earlier in the year this event was fully booked out in 4 of the 5 major cities.

2. Introducing some brand new experts, never seen on this event before.

3. Launching a brand new website which will reveal more about the upcoming events than ever before!

To celebrate all these exciting new changes I want you to be the first to claim your free tickets to this event.


To register your seats for FREE, please visit:


This LIVE 2-day PROPERTY CONFERENCE is designed to help you start building YOUR PROPERTY PORTFOLIO with LITTLE OR NO MONEY. By providing creative investment strategies, each expert will reveal how to break down the barrier of entry for the average Australian!

This event was created to teach you proven strategies, tested, supported and currently working by Australians, for Australians, in the Australian market!

If you’re interested in:

– Creating high returns from buy, renovate and sell strategies
– Learning how to put together simple and successful Joint Venture deals
– Discovering how to double your money in 2-3 years through Property
– Accessing step-by-step guides to getting started in Property

Then you just can’t afford to miss this event!


To register your free tickets to this event please visit:


These exciting Live events will take place in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth… Each designed to teach you all the specialised knowledge and strategies you’ll need to achieve massive passive success in today’s property market.

I look forward to hearing of your success stories and seeing you in person in your closest major city!

To your success,