By Olivia Antonic

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Intensively working with you on your MINDSET on a  ‘one on one’  basis  to:

~ Encourage you to be the best you can be;

~ Challenge you to dream bigger than you’ve ever dared;

~ Identify goals and support you as you reach those goals quickly;

~ Facilitate changes to limiting thinking and behaviour patterns;

~ Provide the structure, tools and perspectives to help you along;

~ Cheer from the sidelines while you chase your dreams; and

~ Expect more of you than you expect of yourself.

Meeting you in person or ‘face to face’ coaching is also available, subject to your location and Olivia’s travelling schedule.


Not only can you choose to have individual one on one coaching, but now you can take advantage of the group coaching, where you reap the benefits of the synergy, wisdom and experiences that group coaching generates.

Join the group monthly or fortnightly via a TELESEMINAR from the  CONVENIENCE  of  YOUR  OWN HOME or OFFICE.


With personal experience in the Real Estate industry of almost 30 years, Olivia will work with your teams’ MINDSET necessary to successfully progress in Real Estate.

Whether you are just about to start in the Real Estate industry or you have been in it for years you will pick up rarely spoken of  GOLD  NUGGETS that will be  your SECRET for UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS in your career and your personal life.

REAL  ESTATE  PRINCIPALS – have your team join me monthly or fortnightly via a Teleseminar from your office. It is easy and convenient to participate and the whole team will be gaining skills and tips to elevate the productivity of individuals on both personal and professional level.


NO  MATTER  WHERE  YOU  ARE  IN  THE  WORLD, as long as you have an Internet connection and a phone, you can receive coaching from Olivia at  EXCELLENCE  FOR  YOU.  Using the unique system of  BEYOND SUCCESS ,  Australias’ elite Personal Development oganisation, it will get you to where you want to be in life and live it to your full potential.

Olivia  has assisted hundreds of families and individuals with selling and buying properties for nearly a 30 year career in the Real Estate industry. Her strong work ethic, intuitive people skills and firm loyalty to her personal values earned her the respect and the acknowledgement from her colleagues, clients and competitors in an industry that seldom rewards the fainthearted.

Olivia’s passion for people, astute business skills and life experiences drew her to another  major  career.  As a Life Coach, a Co- Author of a best selling book,  she continuously looks forward to and enjoys  the challenges and the privilege of helping people to attain their personal and professional potential.

Olivia is continuously expanding her knowledge and fine tuning her skills through the ongoing trainning from Beyond Success, who are certified members of ANZI, as well as attending trainning by other coaches and human behaviorists such as DR. JOHN DEMARTINI . Over the years, Olivia has successfully coached individuals from various walks of  life,  and now,  in an effort to bring the benefits of  coaching  touch as many people as possible  – GROUP COACHING is an option that is also available – where she can connect with Real Estate teams, Sales, Financial & Insurance or any other group via a TELESEMINAR affording her clients the ultimate convenience of participating without travelling or leaving their office.

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