By Olivia Antonic

What you need to know in today’s world that your parents didn’t know to teach you

There’s a revolution taking place.  Few realise it’s implications – yet those who do are uniquely placed to experience extraordinary success.

Those who taught us that hard work and a steady job were the secrets to success were merely repeating what had worked for them, without realising that the ground had shifted underneath them .

With ‘ government guaranteed jobs ‘ replaced by contracts, internet fortunes made overnight, marriages failing at the rate of one in three, average job placement for under 30’s less than three years, 100 year old institutions collapsing each day and national economies in crisis…

Nothing is the same as it was as far as getting what you want out of life is concerned.


By Paul Blackburn and Olivia Antonic

In this book you’ll learn what you MUST KNOW to succeed in the modern world

~  How to coach yourself to success

~  How to reach your goals and targets easily

~  How to achieve lasting happiness

~  How to guarantee your marriage actually works

~  How to master your emotions so they don’t hijack you

~  How to maintain excellent health and

~  What secretly drives you and how to harness it


By Paul Blackburn and Olivia Antonic

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